Full View Window

Creating a safer living environment for YOU.

We, A Plus Maid Agency Pte Ltd, understands the importance of having a safe living and working environment for both our valued employers and maids. Having a safe environment would put you in a ease of mind when our maids are diligently working in your home.

As our maid comes from different countries, where the living standard, environment and culture differ from our metropolis environment, our maids might overlook certain potential hidden dangers when working in your homes. For example, cleaning of windows.

Based on the general statistical reports, most household accidents occurs when maids are cleaning the windows.

Understanding this issue, our company has a tie-up with one of Singapore's leading aluminium products manufacturer, Sin Yah Aluminium Works to offer their Full View Window at an exclusive price for you.

For information on the Full View Window please visit Sin Yah Aluminium Works